Look who’s conning too

I had almost given up blogging but came across this nice incident so had to post it.

This is a true incident that happened with my friend rahul, who’s been looking to try linux but he’s a dumbhead when it comes to technology.

This dude, Utsav came on digit forum and announced that he was selling linux 10 cd’s for Rs. 1500 each. But that thread was locked by the Admin before he could get to talk with the fellow

So, next day he decided to add this fellow to my yahoo list and have a good deal with him there.

What follows hereon is the log of what transpired in the deal between them

(23:41:36) utsav: hey

(23:41:39) : Buzz!!

(23:41:46) utsav: want 2 talk or not?

(23:42:09) utsav: r u there?

(23:42:19) rahul: sorry i was away

(23:42:31) utsav: ok

(23:42:43) rahul: which linux have you got?

(23:43:08) utsav: UBunt version 6.1 Continue reading