Finch – IM Client for command line

Finch is an IM and IRC client for command line. It supports all the protocols supported by pidgin. Like pidgin, it makes use of libpurple. So, all your account configured for pidgin can be used on finch too .
It has nifty shortcuts based on alt keys to navigate around. Making it quite simple to use for those people who are faster with keyboard than with mouse. . Some frequently used shortcuts are :-

  • Alt + q – quit
  • Alt + c – close window
  • Alt + n – next window
  • Alt + p – previous window
  • Alt + a – View available actions
  • Alt + w – list of windows
  • Alt + m – move window
  • Alt + r – resize window
  • F10 – Show menu for current window
  • Alt + tab – next URGENT window
  • Alt + Shift + tab – previous urgent window

Not so difficult to remember the shortcuts. No use of mouse required at all
Alas! Keybindings don’t work under screen so I can’t run it in screen session rest everything is perfect.


8 comments on “Finch – IM Client for command line

  1. Hi almubarmij,
    finch isn’t a separate fnstall. It comes with pidgin. In fact it is a part of pidgin. So, if you have pidgin installed you have finch too. Open up your terminal and type finch. That should get you started.

  2. to use finch under screen simply take the ‘atl’ portion of the shortcut and substitute ‘esc’ and everything should work out just fine (at least it has for me)

  3. x1101 thanks for the tip, Some of the things seem to be working. Some shortcuts don’t seem to work though, eg alt+c does seem to be working when used on conversation windows.

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