Experience of emoving mysql in debian/ubuntu forcefully

I had faced this instance where there ocurred problem with mysql configuration in debian. Something went wrong with the configuration and could not be traced out. We needed to fix it soon and reinstall was the easy option as there was no useful data.
But, the package couldn’t be removed because mysql is stopped before removing, Here, what was happening was that the init script would neither start or stop mysqld due to configuration error. Thus, the package couldn’t be removed as it failed to stop mysql.
So, thus I followed a hack’ish kind of a method to remove mysql.
First I killed mysqld by using top. Then I edited the file /var/lib/dpkg/mysql-server.prerm to remove the relevant section. So, now when I remove the package, the script won’t try to stop mysql-server.
Thus, I was cleanly able to remove the package without any problems.
Also, you get choice whether you want to keep your databases or remove them. Thus, is safe if you have important database.
Though, this method doesn’t have any bad side effects as far as I know, but still it would be better to sort out the configuration issues but here I had no other choice as it was important to remove it quickly and also there were no important configuration saved.


Patching again

Seems like I will be doing some serious bug hunting today. No complaints. It’s all fun.

So, while updating world, gettext started failing on me. So, I went back to bugs.gentoo.org to look out for any useful bug reports.

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Patching xorg-server- to work on gentoo/freebsd

While compiling xorg-server on gentoo/freebsd, I was getting an error. So, I paid a visit to #gentoo-bsd on irc.freenode.net. WIth the help of friendly people out there I found that it’s missing something but seemed to be out of luck as we couldn’t find out what was missing.

A quickfire query at bugs.gentoo.org revealed that there was indeed a bug filed with xorg-server-1.4.0. You can find the bug at http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=205149
So, basically I needed to patch up my xorg-server files with the 2 patches given out there. Continue reading